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Black Lives Matter and Students Deserve are partners in the truest sense, sharing core values and vision as well as goals and objectives.  


- Black Lives Matter, Los Angeles

Students Deserve sees that there is a continuum of violence against Black people.  

In the streets, that violence looks like police targeting and murdering Black people.  In schools that looks like Black youth being excluded, under-funded, criminalized, targeted, policed, and punished.  When we say Black Lives Matter, we mean all Black people and communities deserve love, dignity, and respect.  In Students Deserve, we see ourselves as part of Making Black Lives Matter in Schools.  This means recognizing the ways that anti-Blackness plays out in schools and working to end those conditions while also creating solutions that support the health and well-being of all Black youth and communities.  

Black people should not have to die before we pay attention to anti-Black violence.  Stop killing Black people. Stop harming Black people and communities through systemic violence, including structural violence in schools.

Following the lead of the Movement for Black Lives platform, Students Deserve's organizing focuses on DIVESTING from policing while INVESTING in genuine, high quality support for all Black students and all Black communities.

Our goals are to extend the Movement for Black Lives into schools AND to connect young people to Black Lives Matter.
We want every high school student to know that they can be part of making Black Lives Matter in Schools

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