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Educate and care for the whole child

Ensure equity and access

Provide full funding for services and resources

Focus on student needs, not only on test scores

Prioritize the community

Make real decisions for ourselves

Develop safe, clean and green spaces

Promote economic and community health


Youth, families, educators and community members are coming together to build a new vision of education and society.  We are working together because we know our communities have the power to transform our schools and our society.  Our voices matter and they need to be heard.  We want students in LA to attain skills, literacy in all subjects and become self-motivated, critical thinkers and participants in their schools and communities.  Students need to be able to build skills in a nourishing environment and be prepared for their lives when they leave school.

Unfortunately, we see that schools have historically not done this and that the current trends in education are still moving our schools in the wrong direction.  We need an immediate end to "reforms" that focus on testing, school closures, reconstitutions, pushing out more students, corporate charter companies running more schools, and cuts to vitals areas like arts, music, ethnic studies, libraries, counseling services, adult education, and early childhood education. 

We need to change the culture and practices of our schools so that they truly support every young person.  We need to end racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.  We don’t want to see the branding some students as “good kids” and others as “bad kids.”  We don’t want students to be pushed out of schools because they are low on credits, are gang-affiliated, have Special Education needs, and/or have recently immigrated.   

We have a vision for the schools and communities that Los Angeles Students Deserve, and we are working together all across the city to make this vision a reality.

This vision was developed collaboratively by over 300 parents, teachers, and students and has been under continual revision as more students, parents and teachers get involved. Our hopes and dreams for our schools and our society continue to evolve.

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